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What is the Bank of Cyprus API Store?
The BOC API Store offers a collection of APIs through which BOC opens the gateway to banking functionality, so that you can focus on what matters most; creativity and defining the new customer experiences of tomorrow.

We combine the scale, knowledge, dedication and experience to provide the appropriate platform for your ideas to flourish. Through our APIs you can access account information and perform payments using BOC registered accounts of customers who give their approval, along with many other features. Look around, experiment with what we offer and sign-up!
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APIs at a glance
Use our Subscription APIs to gain access on BOC customer accounts via OAuth2 and then use acquired subscriptions to call Account and Payment APIs.
Use our Account APIs to access BOC account data for customers from which you are granted authorization. Information that can be accessed includes account number, IBAN, account name, type, available balances as well as transaction history.
Use our Payment APIs to perform any payment related actions between two BOC accounts or a BOC account and another institution through SEPA/SWIFT.
Use the particular API to get the access token which is a pre-requisite to calling all other APIs.
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